Parties and Baby Showers

A retro image of a children's party

Baby showers

Invite friends and family to make your babies first quilt. Each guest can decorate a fabric square with no sewing skills required.

Leave the squares with us and we will turn them into a hand-made treasure that is both unique and personal.

As a result your child grows up with a labour of love from the people who are important to their parents before they were born.

A retro style cream tea, served on vintage china is included in the price.

Children Birthday Parties

If your child is aged between seven and 14  and enjoys making we are sure to have a party they will love.

Choose from retro messenger bags, lavender bags, soft toys and funky tees.

Each guest will take home an individual hand-made item.

It also sets on them on the road to a great life skill.

Adult parties

Tailor-made to suit you and your guests, also a vintage cream tea is included in the price.

You and your guests will leave with the item you choose to create with the knowledge to make many more.



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